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Urban Heat Media LLC., the operator, is hereinafter referred to as ‘UHM’ within this document. ‘UHM’ hereby gives notice that ‘UHM’ does not own or operate any motor coaches, aircraft, catering facilities, hotels, or attractions and that all arrangements have been made with motor coach companies, hotels, and other independent suppliers to provide you with the services purchased upon the express condition that we shall not be liable for any injury, accident, loss, damage, delay, bankruptcy, or any irregularity which may occur either by reason of defect in any vehicle or through the acts of default of any person or company engaged in providing transportation or other services. ‘UHM’ does not accept any liability for the actions or omissions of these Independent suppliers over whom ‘UHM’ has no direct control. In the absence of negligence on ‘UHM’s part, therefore EACH PARTICIPANT HEREBY RELEASES ‘UHM’ for losses or damages arising from physical or emotional injury, property damages, or other economic damage caused by such factors beyond ‘UHM’’s control. Because of unforeseen circumstances, ‘UHM’ reserves the right to withdraw any event or make any change, with or without notice, In the event of inclement weather, mechanical difficulties, or other events beyond the control of ‘UHM’ that cause delays, It SHALL NOT BE the responsibility of ‘UHM’ to pay for resulting costs and expenses to the group / individuals / small group, including additional lodging and meals. Optional activities are offered as advertised unless weather or other conditions make it impossible for individuals to participate. Payment for optional activities must be made in cash at the location. ‘UHM’ assumes no risk, liability, or responsibility for incidents or accidents which may occur to an individual while participating in any activity. Many activities are subject to minimum participation as dictated by the operator and available transportation. Prices for all optional activities are subject to change with or without notice.



All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Reservations canceled 90 days or more prior to the event, will only be refunded 50% of monies paid minus the original deposit and processing fees. If a reservation is canceled for any reason 60 days or more of the event only 25% will be refunded minus the original deposit and processing fees paid. Cancellations made under 60 days prior to the event, all payments are non-refundable. All monies are non-transferable. Name changes and replacements are not accepted. There will be NO REFUNDS for children's reservations made at any time. Reservations not paid in full shall be placed on a “space available basis” and are subject to cancellation policy regardless of alternative options that may be available. Trips canceled due to lack of payment are not entitled to any kind of refund.



Deposits and final balances must be received by ‘UHM’ on or before the appropriate due dates. Reservations for time and space cannot be confirmed unless secured by the timely arrival of these required deposits, and final payments. Arrangements shall be made for reservations paid in full, on time, and upon the timely receipt of the final rooming lists to ‘UHM’. Space available reservations are subject to cancellation with a loss of deposits if arrangements cannot be made when final payment and rooming lists arrive.



In the event of an Act of God or inclement weather, ‘UHM’ reserves the right to reschedule the event for another time. Refunds made by ‘UHM’ are made at UHM 's strict and explicit discretion.



It is intended that all optional activities will be offered as listed unless weather or other conditions prevail at that time that make it hazardous or impossible for individuals to participate in the activity. ‘UHM’ does not act as an agent or operate any optional activity. ‘UHM’ assumes no risk, liability, or responsibility for incidents or accidents that may occur to an individual while participating in the activity. Some optional activities are subject to a minimum participation requirement. Payment for all optional activities must be made prior to the activity. ‘UHM’ reserves the right to withdraw or change any contracted entertainer. ‘UHM’ will provide no reimbursement due to “no show” entertainers or changes in itineraries. The destination hotel, and transportation companies, in addition to all other providers of services, reserve the right to remove a person engaged in illegal or disorderly conduct from the event without a refund.



Participants are strongly advised to protect themselves with insurance. Optional cancellation, accident, health, and baggage insurance are available to protect participants against unforeseen circumstances. Upon request, ‘UHM’ will provide further information and rates. Insurance must be purchased at the time of booking.



Children’s rates are available at certain events. This rate is based upon a child, less than 17 years old, sharing the room with either: a single adult paying the full single (1 per room) rate; two adults each paying the full double (2 per room) rate; or three adults each paying the full triple (3 per room) rate. Special accommodations will be made for children, however, you must speak with a member or UHM for additional details.



There is no minimum age requirement to participate in some of these events, however, all events offering alcoholic beverages have been designed for adults 21 years of age and older. Each participant must be of the minimum drinking age allowed by the State in which the event is located to participate in the functions and consumption of alcoholic beverages, AND EACH PARTICIPANT MUST BE PREPARED TO SHOW LEGAL IDENTIFICATION WHICH MUST INCLUDE A PHOTOGRAPH TO CONSUME ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Each liquor licensee is under legal obligation to comply with all applicable laws. To that end, each liquor licensee is required by law to not serve alcoholic beverages to individuals who do not meet the standard of service even though they may have paid for the alcoholic beverage inclusion as part of their event.



The hotel personnel is responsible for all room assignments. Per-person prices are stipulated by the number of people in the room, not the number of beds. Double occupancy (2 people per room) DOES NOT mean the room has two double beds. Triple and Quad rooms WILL have up to two beds per room. Rollaway beds are limited and will be provided on a first-come first served basis. Accommodation requests for single occupancy are taken on an ‘as available’ basis.

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